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Hi! My name is Jameson Barrow and I'm a REALTOR®. Welcome to my website. This site will have regularly updated content, including weekly articles written by me. There will also be new links to other articles daily. These won't just be about me, what I'm doing, or even real estate. I want to provide you access to all sorts of fun, interesting, and helpful topics ranging from food and gardening, to news and other blogs, and everything in between. Please check back regularly.


I thought I should start with a little bit of information about myself. I'm a lifelong Dallasite, who lives in the East Dallas/Lakewood area. I've travelled all over the country and the world, but never spent more than a month outside of Dallas. This is my home, and I really can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm a trained chef, avid home brewer, husband to a brilliant graphic designer, and proud father of two beautiful children. I got into real estate because I like people. I've been told that I could talk to a doorknob, and there's some truth to that. I really enjoy conversing and connecting with people, so I got into a business that allows me to talk with a lot of different people from many different walks of life. I also like to feel that I'm helping people, which is why I love residential real estate. I really enjoy the notion that I can help people find their dream home. Buying or selling a house can be an extremely difficult and stressful process, so I want to do everything in my power to make it as fun and painless as possible. 


I moved into the East Dallas area eight years ago. Back then I lived in the more historic area of Lakewood, near the country club on a little street called Tremont. The house was built in 1926, and it was beautiful (still is). After a couple of years there, we welcomed my wonderful son, Dechlan, to the world. While I loved living in an older home and even learned to embrace the extra maintenance that goes into owning a house that's almost 100 years old, my family and I eventually outgrew it. When my wife and I decided we wanted a second child, we knew that we would have to look for a larger home. We finally settled on a lovely newer house a whopping 12 blocks away. Our brilliant REALTOR® made the process easy and stress-free. She was already a lifelong family friend and now I am proud to work at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate alongside her. The next year, my beautiful daughter, Adelaide was born. 


During my time in the East Dallas area, I have discovered that there is nowhere else like it. I know that lots of people say things like this about their neighborhoods, but I'm not the only one. All of the neighborhoods surrounding White Rock Lake have their own unique personalities and incredible residents. Each of the subdivisions around here boast beautiful homes, great local businesses, and fiercely loyal neighbors. Ask anyone from Lakewood, Lake Highlands, Santa Monica, Hollywood Heights, Lower Greenville, etc. and they will likely tell you (gladly and at length) why their neighborhood is the best part of East Dallas. They all seem to agree on one thing, though: There is NOWHERE else like East Dallas. I am proud to live in the great nation of Texas, prouder to live in Dallas, and prouder still to call East Dallas my home.

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February 1, 2019

After multiple increases to interest rates in recent months, the Fed has put a hold on climbing rates. What it means and how long it might last are addressed in this article. 

For full article, click here.

October 15, 2018

This article discusses the filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Sears, one of the most revolutionary companies in America's history.

Link to the article here 

September 24, 2018

This is a great article explaining how mortgage rate changes can affect purchasing power drastically. What this means for homebuyers, and what you can expect from interest rates in the near future.

Link to full article here.

August 22, 2018

Here is a fascinating article about why home ownership has become less of a goal for some, and more an impossible dream.

Read the full article here

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